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Roasted Vegetables & Chickpeas, Wholewheat Cous Cous & Halloumi There is more and more evidence being published about the benefits of having a diverse gut microbiome - including reducing the risk of certain cancers & diabetes and also improving your mental health, weight management Continue reading...


Pavlova When I think of a British Summer pudding, it has to be pavlova! Summer berries that are in season, sweetness & gooeyness from the meringue and creaminess from the cream to top it off. This recipe is suitable for those who are wheat intolerance, have Coeliac disease or are on a low FODMAP diet Continue reading.. 


Low FODMAP Oat & Raisin Cookies In celebration of IBS Awareness Month, here is a tasty recipe for some low FODMAP cookies. The recipe contains oats, raisins & mixed seeds all of which contain fibre. Being on the low FODMAP diet can really impact fibre intake for some people Continue reading 


KP's 'Famous' Chocolate Brownies This is my number one go to recipe when anyone asks me to make a sweet treat. I must have made these brownies for hundreds of people over the years and without blowing my own trumpet, they are pretty damn good! Continue reading.. 


Red Cabbage Home Slaw A simple, crunchy, zingy slaw to serve as part of a meal, in a salad or added to a sandwich. It is a great source of fibre, vitamins & minerals Continue reading...


Beetroot HummusWhether it's for a snack with vegetable sticks or on a couple of oat cakes, as a starter on a mezzo board or as part of a salad for you lunch, this beetroot hummus will really hit the spot! It is a great source of fibre & protein and the colour Continue reading...


Chilli Con Carne This is another recipe in celebration of National 'Heart Month' - and its a gooden. Chilli Con Carne is often a classic dish in a lot of households, however I have adapted this recipe it so it has plenty of fibre, Continue reading...


Tomato & Chilli Sauce 'Meat Free Monday' is a campaign to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of eating meat, however there are lots of health benefits in reducing your meat intake too (particularly red & processed meat), including a reduced risk of colon cancer, heart disease and stroke! This recipe is simple & easy Continue reading...


Smoked Mackerel Pate In the UK, February is National 'Heart Month'. One of the dietary recommendations to optimise 'heart health' is to eat 2 portions of fish a week - 1 of which should be an oily fish. Oily fish includes salmon, mackerel, kippers and sardines. Continue reading...

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